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Tollos. Alicante town by town

The small town of Tollos, surrounded by mountains in the region of El Comtat, offers beautiful corners in its urban core and an environment surrounded by unique places.


What to do in our municipality, where to eat, stay, our history …

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Casa Rural Barranc del Malafí

Address: C/ San Antonio, 2 Phone:  630 570 116 Email: barrancdemalafi.wordpress.com Web    


Ingredients   Water. Sal. Oils. Flour. Mullador. Preparation   Bring the water to a boil with salt. Scald the flour with that water and knead with a little oil. Let stand for half an hour. The balls are made for the minxos and flatten to form a circle. They...

Olleta de blat

Ingredients   For 8 people: 1/2 kg chopped wheat. 1/2 kg white beans / mixed pints. 250 gr pork ribs. 250 gr bacon. 2 blankets. 2 onion black pudding. 3 potatoes. a handful of chard. 2 small turnips. 2 chirivias. 1 piece of pumpkin. 2 thistles. 1 onion. 2...

San Vicente Ferrer

Held in April    

La Font Vella

Very close to the town we have the Font Vella recreational area which has a fountain, barbecue and tables. An ideal place to come to eat with family or friends.

La Font de Paet

On the dirt track that joins Tollos with Vall d'Alcalá we will find the Font de Paet which offers us a great place to rest and enjoy nature.

Church of San Antonio de Padua

The Church of San Antonio de Padua is built on Islamic remains as was customary at the time of the reconquest. its The bell tower with the Serrella in the background is the best sunset in the Vall de Seta.    

Rural architecture

We encourage you to discover our rural architecture: old farmhouses that still preserve the typical structure with their corrals, water wells, manger and living area. At the entrance to the Barranco de Malafí you have several buildings.    

The Masos of Capaimona

Los Masos de Capaimona is one of the magical places on the Costa Blanca. An old Moorish farmhouse inhabited by 13 families shortly before the expulsion of the Moors, which shows us the subsistence economy of our ancestors.    
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