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Tollos is the smallest town in the province in terms of population with its 42 inhabitants. This fact is due to the emigration that transformed the agricultural towns during the 60s and 70s. Attached to the Solana de la Sierra de Alfaro it was a Moorish refuge in the Reconquest and domain of the Marquis of Guadalest and Ariza. Its economy is mainly dry-land agricultural with peach, almond and olive production.

A walk through its streets will make you discover charming corners in a well-kept town that has preserved its layout for centuries. Each corner keeps a story.

Located in the valley of the Seta River on the southern slope of the Sierra Alfaro, access is difficult, the best option being the one that, leaving from Cocentaina, crosses Millena and Gorga. Also from Vall de Gallinera and Vall d’Alcalá. Located 84 km from Alicante

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