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Mintxos Ingredients Water. Sal. Oils. Flour. Mullador. Preparation Bring the water to a boil with salt. Scald the flour with that water and knead with a little oil. Let stand for half an hour. The balls are made for the minxos and flatten to form a circle. They are...

Olleta de blat

Olleta de blat Ingredients For 8 people: 1/2 kg chopped wheat. 1/2 kg white beans / mixed pints. 250 gr pork ribs. 250 gr bacon. 2 blankets. 2 onion black pudding. 3 potatoes. a handful of chard. 2 small turnips. 2 chirivias. 1 piece of pumpkin. 2 thistles. 1 onion. 2...
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